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Healing: Crucible Birth Sherrie M. Steiner

Healing: Crucible Birth

Sherrie M. Steiner

Published January 21st 2005
ISBN : 9780761831013
198 pages
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 About the Book 

In Healing, author Sherrie M. Steiner promotes social change to grapple with the global environmental problems that threaten our collective future. The book combines scientific and faith-based motives to compel the reader to participate in social renewal. In Healing, Steiner mixes hard-hitting realism with hopeful possibility in her assessment of the vulnerabilities of modern civilization. Steiner addresses numerous socio-political issues, including economic growth, energy policy, and sustainability. Ultimately, however, she says that it is the choices we make about who we become in the days ahead that will determine our healing. Technically, this book is about environmental sustainability, but the subtext is altogether quite different. This is a book about a future filled with hope.