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Remarkable Woman Anne Edwards

Remarkable Woman

Anne Edwards

Published July 2nd 1988
ISBN : 9780671657482
Mass Market Paperback
0 pages
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 About the Book 

I was a little disappointed in this portrayal of Kathrine Hepburn. Presented as a wealthy, stubborn, selfish snob who is as in love with her quirks as she is with her New England upbringing - she is not likable at all. It is difficult to read hundreds of pages about a woman who is more annoying with each chapter.I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the Kathrine Hepburn story is the legendary romance between Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Firmly devoted to his Catholic faith, he could never divorce his wife or leave his children. Romantic right? Except his version of faith doesnt forbid adultery and alcoholism, as he conducts affairs with Hepburn and other actresses and sloshes his way through every bar in America.In addition to a repellent main character, the book is not well-constructed. The author is the master of mis-used cliches (Kate could see the handwriting on the wall...) and has an overly-complicated writing style. Combined with countless mentions of random people and movie titles, you have a story that is difficult, if not impossible, to follow.I was sad to find that my image of the on-screen legend was severely tarnished after this book. Sure she was a great actress. She also deserved a swift kick in the butt.